Txakolina (also txakolin or chacolí) is a sparkling, dry white wine from regions in Euskal Herria, Cantabria (west of BAC), and Burgos (southwest of BAC), and it is also produced in some parts of Chile. Txakolin is normally served as an apéritif, before meals, and often as an accompaniment to pintxos (similar to tapas). It is generally light and fruity, with high acidity and a green tint. There are also red and rosé varieties of txakolin. The white variety is usually made using hondarribi zuria grapes, while the red variety is made with hondarribi beltza. 


Getariako txakolina, or txakolin from Getaria and the surrounding region in Gipuzkoa, was the first variety to receive Denominación de Origen (DO) certification in 1989. The production of txakolin in the region has since expanded to other towns as well, with the region producing more than 900,000 liters per year.


Bizkaiko txakolina was the second variety to receive DO certification in 1994. Eighty five villages and towns in Bizkaia produce around 700,000 liters of txakolin each year. In addition to hondarribi zuria eta beltza, this region also uses munemahatsa (also known as bordeleza zuria or folle blanche) for white varieties of txakolin and oilar begi grapes for a light red variety.


Additional trivia! Txakolin, or especially chacolí, sounds like the Chinese word for “chocolate”: 巧克力 (qiao3 ke4 li4).

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  1. cesndrs2 says:

    It’s very interesting to me that both Chile and the Basque Country produce wines like txokolina. I wonder how both places came to start producing this very specific kind of wine.

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