Capital of Culture


Every year, two or three cities are designated by the European Union as “Capital(s) of Culture”. During an entire calendar year, these cities organize cultural events to promote the diversity and unity within the European Union. This is also an opportunity for a city to generate revenue while celebrating local culture and raising visibility on an international scale. In 2016, the two cities were Wroclaw in Poland and San Sebastián or Donostia. Events are currently on-going in both cities.

San Sebastián was chosen over other Spanish cities such as Burgos, Córdoba, Segovia, Las Palmas and Zaragoza. The city is also known as the Spanish cuisine capital. San Sebastián is well known for its Jazz Festival, which was first held in 1966 and is the longest running jazz festival in Spain, as well as its international Film Festival. During the third week of August, which may arguably be the best week to visit, the Summer Festival (Semana Grande) is celebrated with traditional dances, music, and parades, and fireworks at night.


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2 Responses to Capital of Culture

  1. cesndrs2 says:

    I had previously heard about San Sebastian being selected as a Capital of Culture this year. I am interested to know how much people travel with Europe to attend these different events, or if mostly people from the same nation and non-European tourists make it a point to attend.

    • cifrasola says:

      My impression is that it’s mostly European tourists, but I guess if someone is thinking about going to a specific country anyway, it’s probably worth it to make a trip to the Capital of Culture that year for the extra events!

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