Basc per a catalanoparlants

Kaixo lagunak!
This time I will write in English!

Basc per a catalanoparlants (o de com dues llengües tan diferents s’assemblen tant) is a book by Beatriz Fernández and Anna Pineda. The English title is: Basque for Catalan speakers (or on how two languages that are so different are so similar). It’s great that I can talk about this book here because I need to read it and do a summary for Eider, for the class. Professor José Ignacio Hualde (Faculty in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese here at UIUC and a world authority on Basque) recommended it to me, and I believe Eider is thinking of translating it into English (I hope it’s not a secret!).

It’s a great book, fun and straightforward, for a general public, but very well-informed, as the two authors are linguists. Basically Catalan and Basque look two very different languages (well, that’s true for almost any language in the world and Basque). However, based on some traits of languages that linguists like Chomsky argue are present universally, in all natural lenguages, the two authors show some similarities between Catalan and Basque. For instance, els amics (o les amigues) and lagunak look two very different ways to say “(the) friends.” However, you can realize that in both cases you have a definite article (els o les, or “the” in English, and the suffix –ak which we know now is the way Basque adds article plural to a noun) So, despite, the big difference in appearance between els amics (o les amigues) and lagunak, we have one important similarity, the existence of definite article and the plural (even though one goes at the beginning in a separate word and another at the end as suffix).

I think this is how the differences/similarities work more or less, I still need to read more!

I wish I could recommend this book to you but it’s in Catalan!

Here’s a picture of the book with its Catalan author Anna Pineda (responsible for the adaptation to Catalan):

Image result for basc per a catalanoparlants


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5 Responses to Basc per a catalanoparlants

  1. laleman2 says:

    I would really like to read this book. I love learning new languages so I think it would be fun to figure out how similar catalan and basque are!

  2. ldcummi2 says:

    Kaixo! Tengo ese mismo libro en casa, pero la versión “Euskera para los castellanohablantes”. Solo he leído un par de capítulos, pero explica muy bien las diferencias culturales y sociales entre el País Vasco y el resto de España, para luego conectarlas con la lengua.

  3. Iker says:

    Muy interesante! Supongo que la version para castellanohablantes es el libro original, el de Beatriz Fernandez, y supongo que muchos rasgos linguisticos estructurales del catalan se aplican al castellano o a la inversa, puesto que las dos son lenguas romances. Seria interesante ver como varian las versiones en funcion de otras lenguas pertenecientes a otras familias linguisticas (turco?, chino? etc.)

  4. kerstin58 says:

    Oh! I want to read this book! I hope there is a Spanish translation of it.

  5. cifrasola says:

    Good luck, Eider! It would be great to read this book in English or Spanish, since I think it would take me too long to try in Catalan (for now!)

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