The Cathedral of Santa María

Vitoria_-_Catedra_Nueva_0000The Cathedral of Santa María is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Vittoria-Gastéiz. It built in the late thirteenth century and throughout the fourteenth century. The Gothic cathedral originally acted as a church-fortress and has a Latin cross floor plan. From 1496 to 1861, it functioned as a collegiate church. The cathedral is currently undergoing construction and restoration due to the structure showing signs of instability in 1994. The Santa María Cathedral Foundation was created in 1999 to help execute the Master Plan for the Integral Restoration of Santa María Cathedral which deals with both physically restoring the site as well linking a relationship between the structure and the urban setting around it. The cathedral crypt has also recently been converted into a museum detailing the history of the cathedral and of the city.

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2 Responses to The Cathedral of Santa María

  1. ldcummi2 says:

    This is a beautiful cathedral! I visited Vitoria Gasteiz three years ago and I don’t remember seeing this monument, what a shame! I wonder if there are other religious landmarks such as this one in the Basque Country.

  2. cesndrs2 says:

    How gorgeous! I’m very happy that steps are being taken to restore and preserve this beautiful cultural landmark. I wish we had more historical and religious sites like this in the US.

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