Basque Dancing

Basque folk dancing has been around for many years. It is a tradition that is still kept alive today and is celebrated by many people in the Basque Country. For many Basque people the traditional dance celebrated one’s heritage. There are Basque dance groups for all ages and there are some folk dancing that is danced by one individual person called aurresku. The best known dance cycle danced by the Basque people is called Dantzari Dantza. They dance annually at a local festival and some Carnival activities and use props during their dance. The name of some of the dances correspond to some of the performers who display their skills. The clothing worn by the male and female dancers stems back from the traditional clothing worn in the 19th century. The women wear very long skirts with a lay er or two under it and headscarves. As time has past, women’s’ skirts have become shorter. The men wear long trousers, a shirt, and a waistcoat. People from the Basque Country have always held onto the traditions from their ancestors and continue to do so through music, dance, and their heritage. Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 2.49.12 PM

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3 Responses to Basque Dancing

  1. kerstin58 says:

    I really love the outfits the dancers are wearing in this picture! The dance itself is super interesting. It looks challenging, but very fun to learn!

  2. ldcummi2 says:

    This is really interesting, I know there are specific dances that a man performs for his friends if they are getting married. It is a very unique and traditional way of showing respect to your friends and family.

  3. cesndrs2 says:

    I imagine it is very difficult to perform these dances with so many layers of clothing on! Especially for the women, who have such long and multiple skirts.

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