The Basque Country is host to a variety of sports. However, one of the most popular sports in the Basque Country – and around the world – is soccer. The Basque soccer teams are recognized internationally for their talent, as well as their individuality. There are five national Basque soccer teams in the primaries: the Athletic Club de Bilbao, the Real Sociedad de San Sebastián, the Deportivo Alavés, the Arenas de Getxo, and the Real Unión de Irún. These five football teams represent each of the regions in the Basque Country. For example, the Athletic Club and Arenas are both from Biscay, the Real Sociedad and the Real Unión are from Gipuzkoa, and the Alavés is from Alava.

El Athletic Club only hires players from the Basque Country to play for its team, while its rival – la Real Sociedad – has won two soccer leagues and one “Copa del Rey”. On the other hand, the Deportivo Alavés is the soccer team of the region’s capital. However, it receives the least recognition from its fans when compared with the surrounding communities. Finally, the Arenas and the Real Unión represent two soccer teams from smaller towns in the Basque Country. This impressive amount of soccer teams demonstrates the popularity of this sport and the passion that its fans demonstrate for their favorite players.san-mamc3a9s-stadium

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2 Responses to Gol!!

  1. laleman2 says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I haven’t gone to a professional soccer game so I think this would be super fun to go to. I have a few friends who studied abroad and loved going to soccer games in Spain!

  2. kerstin58 says:

    Ugh! I’m still upset that I didn’t go to a soccer game while I was in Spain! The Athletic Club’s arena looks beautiful. I bet it would be interesting to see a home game at each of the five teams’ arenas and to compare the differences. I’m really curious as to what chants are often used at the games.

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