Basque Art: Esperanza Zabala

Many people recognize the Basque Country as home to architectural works of art such as the Guggenheim Museum, but artists such as Esperanza Zabala draw attention to Basque painting and sculpture as well. Zabala, born in Gipuzkoa in 1974, can be considered a member of the neo-expressionist movement, which means she represents subjects and objects with bright colors and often in an abstract, emotional way. Zabala has studied in Milan, San Sebastian, and the University of Salamanca, where she earned her fine arts degree; the Arteko Galeria in Donostia currently houses many of her works. Common themes in Zabala’s work include death, feminism, religion, and the human body; often, her sculptures portray the human body in a manner that brings to mind victims of a horror movie. The name of her painting featured in this post is Una Mosca en mi Sopa (Fly in my Soup)- take a look and see what you can construct from this abstract painting!

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3 Responses to Basque Art: Esperanza Zabala

  1. kerstin58 says:

    I just finished looking up some of her works! Very interesting. I would tell you the title of one the pieces I liked the best, but I can’t seem to find the title. She also has a WordPress page on here at

  2. laleman2 says:

    I was unaware of the paintings and art that has come from the Basque Country. I really appreciate unique art especially art that speaks true to ones homeland and/or self. The painting that you inserted kind of reminds me of the ones I’ve seen in museums from Dali. This summer I will be traveling to Spain and hopefully will get the chance to see the Basque Country and go to a museum where these paintings are displayed!

  3. lrg4 says:

    This is interesting! I find Zabala’s paintings a little scary, but I was checking out the link Kerstin posted and found an installation she did on the man/machine conceptual framework which I think is amazing ( ). I love philosophical art and it’s cool to see it from a Basque artist!

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