The Basque Shakespeare

The Basque writer Pedro de Aguerre y Azpilicueta, who is commonly known as Axular, was born in Urdax, Navarra in 1556. He wrote in the Basque language and is one of the most influential authors of the Basque country. Auxlar studied theology and philosophy in school and became a priest in San Juan de Luz where he remained for the rest of his life (1644).

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Axular is best known for his work Gero, “Later” in English, which is a book about one’s religious duty. Because of the artfully written prose of Gero, Axular is often considered the equivalent of a Cervantes or Shakespeare to the development of the Basque language and literature.

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One Response to The Basque Shakespeare

  1. cphelps2016 says:

    I am slightly shocked by how much this man accomplished in his lifetime. I am definitely going to look up Cervantes later.

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