Holly Brandy


Holly Brandy is a hard rock band from Biscay that was formed in Bilbao, Spain. The band was formed in 2010 and consists of four main rockers:  Josu Misfits (singer & guitar), Jon Clip (main guitar), Iñigo Maroto (bass), and Andoni Ubiaga Vergaño (drums & vocals).

The main vocals are sung pretty much entirely in English and the band has been compared to Metallica, Bad Religion, and Unwritten Law.  They just released a brand new album titled “So Unfair” which is gaining recognition in Basque Country as well as other parts of Europe and the United States.  They have also been mentioned on several occasions on Metal Euskadi, a website promoting Basque hard rock music.  This past September the band played a set at for the Pop-Rock Villa de Bilbao contest at Bilborock, which is a popular venue in Bilbao for mainly live music but also cinema, theater, and dance.  Listening to their new album, I am also reminded of later bands such as Rise Against or Against Me. Below you can listen to the entire album on YouTube:





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One Response to Holly Brandy

  1. katiepollman says:

    I am not much of a hard rock fan, but I’ll have to give this band a listen.

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