Cristina Enea Park

Donostia is filled with many beautiful parks. The largest of them, at nearly 95,000 m² (about 23 acres)  is Cristina Enea Park, located along the Urumea river.


Fermín de Lasala y Collado, Duke of Mandas originally gave the park as a gift to his wife, Cristina Brunetti. After his death in 1918,  his will laid out instructions to make the park public, while maintaining its original condition. Today, the park is known for its verdant landscapes, grand trees, and freely roaming peacocks.


Cristina Enea’s most prominent trees are the Lebanese cedar, the ginkgo, and the sequoia.


At the center of the park is the residence of the Duke of Mandas. This brightly colored palace now serves as an environmental museum, presenting exhibits and offering classes.


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2 Responses to Cristina Enea Park

  1. cebryan2illinois says:

    What a gorgeous park!

  2. aneicardo says:

    I do remember visiting as a kid and waiting for the peacocks to show their beautiful feathers! 🙂

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