Modern Basque Literature

Culture can be learned about in many different mediums, one of them being writing. Often we study older works of literature, but modern works can supply a different viewpoint, one that has been affected by older mindsets and modified. Some important and popular modern Basque writers are: Telesforo Monzón, Salbatore Mitxelena, Gabriel Aresti, Nikolas Ormaetxea, Txillardegi (José Luis Álvarez Enparantza’s pen name), Joxe Azurmendi, Ramon Saizaritoria, Bernado Atxaga, and Joseba Sarrionandia.

Bernardo Atxaga

One of the more prolific writers, Bernado Atxaga, has written in many different genres from novels and short stories to song lyrics and poetry to children’s books. Atxaga has won several awards, one of them being Spain’s National Literature Prize for his novel Obabakoak, which has been translated into more than 20 different languages. It looks like a worthwhile read for future reference.

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