Basque Beret

The most distinctive item of traditional Basque clothing is the beret worn by Basque men. Beret is a round, flat-crowned hat with usually a small stub in the center. The stub in the center is called the “txortena” in Basque. Basque beret was popularized when Napolean III took interest in them during his visits to Biarritz. Since then, It has been commonly even in Basque countries till today. The color of the beret is different with geography. Basque countries wear blue berets, people of Navarre and Aragon wear red berets, and common workers in France and Spain wear black berets. Berets is something I would like to try on someday.


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4 Responses to Basque Beret

  1. qianhu2 says:

    This is interesting. I wonder if Basque tradition with the beret comes from mainland France or vice versa.

  2. aneicardo says:

    I have mostly seen black berets in my area, but it is true that it changes from region to region, and some events require different colors as well.

  3. ldurdan2 says:

    It was very common to see older men wearing these when in the streets of Bilbao

  4. bobablaze says:

    They come from the Basque Region and are also worn by the French

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