The txalaparta is a percussion instrument that is integral to Basque culture.

In history, after cider was made, the board used to make the cider was then beat on with the original purpose of summoning the neighbors. Now txalaparta is played at cider houses or at festivals where cider is drunk to re-enact the process of making of the cider.

A txalaparta can have a varying amount of boards. Popular ones have two or five boards. Two players beat the boards using sticks. Here is a photo of two people playing on a five board txalaparta:

This genre of music and this instrument have global effects. This is seen in Madonna’s performance with Sagarro Jo in 2012. The collaboration features the txalaparta.

Below is the video:

If you want to hear more txalaparta, look up these artists:

  • Oreka TX
  • Felipe and Imanol Ugarte
  • Tomas San Miguel




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2 Responses to Txalaparta!

  1. aneicardo says:

    Very interesting, I liked your follow up from the Musika article we read, good job!

  2. ajwinte2 says:

    Very cool how they could use this with modern music now!

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