Parranda Egiten

Nightlife! A unique experience in every country that you could visit, but the basque nightlife is something special. In most cities, there are certain areas of town designated for younger people and others designated for older people. There are some areas of town designated for those who have money, and others who don’t. But, in Casco Viejo (downtown Bilbao), one can see the young and the old mixing, talking, and all having a good time. Instead of monetary divides, there are preference divides. Some streets have loud rock music coming out of bars while others have American pop music. Others have main attractions of special house vodka drinks while others serve a wide variety of pintxos and wine. Here, you can find huge clubimages, dive bars, and even dancing lessons all within about a 5 minute walk from each other. Groups of people are always expanding and everyone’s main goal is to be merry.

Then, at around 2am on the weekends, a choice is made. Either you can go back on the last metro, or you have the choice to stay out until the morning continuing the party. Yes, that’s right, the metro CLOSES for a brief period of 4 hours. So, the general public has to stay out until at least 6am if they miss the 2am metro. Luckily, all bars and clubs are very accommodating, and restaurants begin to open around 6-7am.


So, if you are ever out in Bilbao, don’t be afraid to use some basque and/or spanish to make friends and talk with anyone around you, because you’ll have a great time… Or a very lonely four hours waiting for the metro to open back up.


About Adam

Hey, I'm a senior in Psychology with a minor in Spanish and a bad dose of the travel bug. This brought me to study abroad in Bilbao, Spain and I fell in love with the Basque culture. This class will hopefully allow me to keep some roots in Pais Vasco even when I am in the USA.
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One Response to Parranda Egiten

  1. aneicardo says:

    Oso interesgarria, I did not know that the metro closed!

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