Bizkaiko Zubia

In Getxo, a city in Bizkaia near Bilbao, there is a world famous bridge that helps passengers cross over the Nervion River. The bridge is located in Las Arenas, the neighborhood I lived in during my time studying abroad, and is a beautiful sight. It was designed by Alberto Palacio in 1893. He is famous for many things, one being an architect of the Eiffel Tower. The bridge, which connects Las Arenas and Portugalete is sometimes referred to as “Puente Colgante” or the suspension bridge because cable cars are suspended above the water and move back and forth transporting passengers. Although the bridge attracts many tourists, it is also used every day by people traveling to work or shopping between the two areas.

View of the bridge from Portugalete

A closer look at the cable car above water


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3 Responses to Bizkaiko Zubia

  1. rwhalen2 says:

    This is a really interesting and unique bridge. I wonder if it’s more practical than a traditional foot-bridge or one for cars.

  2. Adam Winter says:

    When we went over it as a class, we had a ton of fun. It’s a very unique and practical tool for all those living on both sides of the ria

  3. aneicardo says:

    It is indeed! I think they used it to transport goods earlier in the 20th century.

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