San Mamés eta Athletic Club Bilbao

San Mamés is where the better Basque team, Athletic Bilbao, plays their professional soccer games. It is located in the heart of the city about a 15 min. walk from the Guggenheim museum and more near the main shopping center than the actual downtown of the city. The stadium was newly renovated in 2013 and is right next to the old stadium. Up until recently, while the construction was in process, the stadium only had three sides. Now it is closed and can hold a capacity of 53,000 seats.

Athletic Bilbao is special not only because they are the better team in Bizkaia, but also because all of their players are from Basque descent. In that, either they have grown up in Pais Vasco since they were born, or their parents/grandparents are from Pais Vasco. More recently, they just won their last game this past Saturday against Real Madrid 1-0!

Athletic Eup!

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About Adam

Hey, I'm a senior in Psychology with a minor in Spanish and a bad dose of the travel bug. This brought me to study abroad in Bilbao, Spain and I fell in love with the Basque culture. This class will hopefully allow me to keep some roots in Pais Vasco even when I am in the USA.
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One Response to San Mamés eta Athletic Club Bilbao

  1. aneicardo says:

    “The better Basque team”… zure iritzia da. Jajajaja. Baina zelaia (field) ederra da, bai!

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