Marmitako (which translates to “from the pot”) is a traditional Basque soup which traditionally contains tuna and potatoes.  A dish often served in the summer, as that is when tuna are in season, marmitako originated from Basque fishermen.  It’s a tasty soup, and in the recipe shared below, that uses a specific kind of dried red pepper pimientos choriceros which is authentic to the Basque country.  In other English recipes for marmitako, they call for normal red pepper since pimientos choriceros are difficult to find outside of the Basque country.

Pimientos Choriceros

From what I’ve seen, there are two main ways to make marmitako: with a lot of tomatoes, and with more emphasis on potatoes.  The recipe I attached uses more potatoes and white wine.  It looks like a tasty dish and I’d like to try to make it some time.

The final product.


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2 Responses to Marmitako

  1. aneicardo says:

    Mmmm ze ona! Marmitakoa oso goxoa da bai!

  2. ldurdan2 says:

    My host mom made this for me before! Although I don’t like tuna, it was still good!

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