Basque Pelota

Pelota is a traditional Basque sport. There are many variations to the game, but they all involve bouncing a ball off the wall. The closest well known sport to pelota is racquetball. Pelota is usually played with a chistera, which is a basket-shaped racket. Players have to catch the ball with a chistera or hit the ball with their racket after the ball has been ricocheted off the wall. Balls travel the fastest in pelota compared to any other sports as the balls can travel at almost 200 mph. I really want to try playing this as I enjoy playing tennis and racquetball in my free time.


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3 Responses to Basque Pelota

  1. ldurdan2 says:

    Looks really interesting! You should try to play!

  2. ajwinte2 says:

    I saw this being played once in Casco Viejo (Downtown of Bilbao) and it’s mesmerizing to see how fast the game moves. It was most commonly played on the streets in parks with bare hands or racquets, but it’s such an interesting sport and I’m sure you could find people on campus that know how to play and would be willing to show you. Rock on!

  3. aneicardo says:

    This is very interesting! This kind of pelota with the basket is called “cesta-punta”, whereas the kind in which you use your hands is simply referred as “pelota”. I think cesta-punta is more popular elsewhere (like in the US, France and South America) than pelota, but there are still many people who play both.

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