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The txalaparta is a percussion instrument that is integral to Basque culture. In history, after cider was made, the board used to make the cider was then beat on with the original purpose of summoning the neighbors. Now txalaparta is … Continue reading

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Bilbaoren Museo Bat

Bilbaok asko museok dauzka.  Museo bat Diocesan Museo da.  Arte sakratua erakusten ditu.  Haien bildumak eskulturak, mihisek, urre eta zilar, eta janzki eder dauzkate.  Eraikina zaharra eta ederra da.  Nik museo joango nahi dut.  Bera interesgarri ikusten du. Beste museok … Continue reading

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Parranda Egiten

Nightlife! A unique experience in every country that you could visit, but the basque nightlife is something special. In most cities, there are certain areas of town designated for younger people and others designated for older people. There are some … Continue reading

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Basque Folk Dances

Basque dance varies across the region, but overall, the Basque culture has a deep love for traditional dances. There are over 400 types of traditional folk dances performed by the Basque people, each one having its own significance and backstory. … Continue reading

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Bizkaiko Zubia

In Getxo, a city in Bizkaia near Bilbao, there is a world famous bridge that helps passengers cross over the Nervion River. The bridge is located in Las Arenas, the neighborhood I lived in during my time studying abroad, and … Continue reading

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Marmitako (which translates to “from the pot”) is a traditional Basque soup which traditionally contains tuna and potatoes.  A dish often served in the summer, as that is when tuna are in season, marmitako originated from Basque fishermen.  It’s a … Continue reading

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San Mamés eta Athletic Club Bilbao

San Mamés is where the better Basque team, Athletic Bilbao, plays their professional soccer games. It is located in the heart of the city about a 15 min. walk from the Guggenheim museum and more near the main shopping center than … Continue reading

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