Looking around the Basque Country one can notice a very prominent symbol. It is painted on buildings, worn as jewelry, and seen on posters. The swirly shape has the ability to capture the attention of anyone visiting Euskal Herria. The symbol, named the lauburu, is a Basque cross that dates back to even early 16th century art. The name translates to four heads and each head is stated to represent one of the four fundamental human elements. In the old days, it was said to be a symbol of prosperity. However, today it is a symbol used to represent the Basque people and the Basque Country. lauburu flag Lauburu




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  1. ajwinte2 says:

    When I studied abroad in Bilbao, I would also regularly see this symbol on the back of car windows, shop windows, and even engraved into foosball tables. This sign is very recognizable and plays a huge role in expressing the values and people of País Vasco. Very interesting subject!

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