La Tamborrada

In País Vasco, one of the most recognized days of celebrating the Basque independence from France and England during the Peninsular war takes place in the beautiful, small town of San Sebastian. Every year, on January 19, from midnight to midnight, the people of Donostia gather in the central square and drummers play songs on snare drums for 24 hours straight.

The origins of La Tamborrada come from when the French army occupied San Sebastian and burnt most of it to the ground, the women of the town would regularly fetch water from the well. As they were fetching water, the town baker would full up his barrels and the women would all drum on his barrels to mock the French army men. The drummers (and most times the participants) now dress in either baking costumes, soldier costumes, or in traditional basque women garb. This tradition has grown year after year and now more than 15,000 people attend the festival, rain or shine, every year.

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About Adam

Hey, I'm a senior in Psychology with a minor in Spanish and a bad dose of the travel bug. This brought me to study abroad in Bilbao, Spain and I fell in love with the Basque culture. This class will hopefully allow me to keep some roots in Pais Vasco even when I am in the USA.
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