San Fermín Festival

My first encounter with Basque culture was when I went to Iruña for the San Fermín festival. I was studying abroad in Madrid, Spain at the time, and my friends and I decided to check out this event that all the natives kept telling us to go. I went to Iruña with the highest expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed when it was over. Besides the fact that the whole town smelled like wine and vomit, which we quickly got used to, I had a good time watching the bullfight, running of the bulls, and fireworks. My favorite part was dressing up like everyone else in the festival with a white shirt, a white pants, a red belt and a red scarf. Overall, San Fermín was a really cool experience that I highly recommend to everyone else.


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2 Responses to San Fermín Festival

  1. ldurdan2 says:

    So awesome that you got this experience! I love the connection that one of the things we associate when we think of Spain takes place in the Basque Country

  2. rwhalen2 says:

    It’s neat to be able to see the cultural crossover between Spain and the Basque Country. I wonder if Spain has adopted any elements of Basque culture.

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