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A style of Basque music, Bertsolaritza is a form of acapella, improvised, poetic song which can describe a wide array of topics from societal problems to love.  Bertsolari (the person performing) are given a topic and then must sing their … Continue reading

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La Tamborrada

In País Vasco, one of the most recognized days of celebrating the Basque independence from France and England during the Peninsular war takes place in the beautiful, small town of San Sebastian. Every year, on January 19, from midnight to … Continue reading

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Looking around the Basque Country one can notice a very prominent symbol. It is painted on buildings, worn as jewelry, and seen on posters. The swirly shape has the ability to capture the attention of anyone visiting Euskal Herria. The … Continue reading

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A txoko, usually translated as gastronomical society, is a group of people that congregate to cook and converse. The literal translation is “cozy corner”. While traditionally these groups were entirely male, most have become co-ed. Txokos are generally closed off … Continue reading

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San Fermín Festival

My first encounter with Basque culture was when I went to Iruña for the San Fermín festival. I was studying abroad in Madrid, Spain at the time, and my friends and I decided to check out this event that all the … Continue reading

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Sorginak and the Basque Witch Trials

Paganism is a part of the long history of religious practices in the Basque Country. Sorginak – a term for the assistants of the goddess Mari as well as the Basque name for witches – held witches’ sabbaths – called … Continue reading

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Basque Idioms!

Kaixo! Nire izena Kathleen da. This will be my first blog post for Spring ’15 BASQ 401. In this submission, I would like to introduce a couple Basque idioms and phrases. We learned in class that the younger generation of … Continue reading

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