Euskara mantendu!

Now that the lectures for Beginner Basque 1 have ended, you may fear that you will forget everything in the year-long wait until Beginner Basque 2 in Spring 2015; or for those of you who are graduating, you think you will never get another chance to practice Basque?  Think again!  There are plenty of free online resources that you can use to maintain your Basque skills or even pick it up for the first time.

To brush up on vocab and grammar, try language lessons from websites like or

For those who already have their feet wet and would like to dive into immersion, you can practice your reading skills on Basque-language news sites such as Gara (, EITB (, or Berria (  There is also an awesome site called that tracks people who regularly tweet in minority languages.  Euskara is the biggest language on the site, with 17,047 users at

You can even work on your listening by tuning into Basque radio online at

General language learning sites can help you as well – on Memrise ( you can make your own flashcard sets and create personal mnemonic pictures to help remember the definitions of words, or you can find sets already made by other members by looking under Browse/All Languages/European/Basque.  If you like downloading programs, Anki ( can help you keep track of what you have down pat and what needs more work.  It uses special memory recall algorithms to test you on words just before you’re likely to forget them.

Writing can be practiced at where a native speaker can make corrections on your journal entries.

I hope that this helps all of you keep your Basque muscles in shape until next class, and have a great summer everyone!  It’s been a great semester, thanks for tuning into our blog.

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One Response to Euskara mantendu!

  1. rodrig52 says:

    Wow April! Eskerrik asko for all these resources! Ez dut jakin interneten daudela!

    Jarraitu euskara ikasten eta laster arte!!! 🙂

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