The Basque Language

The Basque language is considered an isolate. This means that it is not related to any other known or used language nor is it known to share an ancestor language with any other modern language. However, especially to Spanish speakers, many Basque words seem very familiar, such as gustatu, sentitu, and dantza. Many people think these words come from Spanish, but do they?


In fact, these words come from Latin, not Spanish. So these similar words, like gustatu and gustar, were derived independently of each other from Basque. Do the languages influence each other at all though? In fact, they do.


For bilingual speakers of Basque and Spanish, the languages will occasionally affect each other. For example, when speaking in Spanish, a bilingual speaker may use a Basque sentence structure. Instead of ‘Tiene mucho trabajo’ the speaker may say ‘Trabajo mucho tiene’, which is similar to the structure of the Basque translation of the sentence ‘Lanak asko ditu’.


There are many other relationships between Basque and other languages as well, such as the other languages of Spain and Arabic. Time will tell if linguists can figure out any more about the mysterious Basque language!

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One Response to The Basque Language

  1. rodrig52 says:

    Ben! Oso ondo! Zer dakigu ‘doministiku!’-rik buruz?

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